Why Ohana?

Ohana means family

In Hawaii, Ohana means “Family”. The Hawaiians believe that their Ohana is not only their blood relatives, but that their entire village is an extension of their family. The Polynesians also believe that no child should be left behind, and sometimes it takes the village to raise a child.

At The Ohana Project, we consider everyone to be family. Every young adult who accepts our services becomes family. Together, with the community, our village, we can help these youth lead a more prosperous life.


Breaking the chain and changing the odds for youth aging out of foster care. The Ohana Project is filling the void between receiving services and navigating the future through caring guidance. Youth aging-out of foster care are eligible for housing, education, vocational training, and employment assistance. Most eighteen year olds are ill-equipped to navigate and follow through with any plan without reminders, motivation and most of all guidance.

The purpose of the Ohan a Project is to create trusting relationships with each young adult. The kind of

relationship that allows them to overcome adversities and take interest in following plans they have made toward their own futures. We guide with advice, direction and encouragement. Every successful adult has a team of supportive people behind them. Not only will the youth support each other, but there will also be adult mentor connected to the youth to guide and support them in their goals, growth and achievements.

It is the goal of The Ohana Project for each youth to step into their future with hope, trained, educated, credit-worthy with financial history, good references and with the drive and ability to achieve a prosperous future.

We help youth who have aged out of foster care and other at risk young adults

• Set Goals
• Overcome obstacles
• Guidance on employment obtainment
• Securing education or vocation
• Help Navigate current entitlements
• Help Secure future entitlements
• Health and nutrition
• Coordinate access to medical, dental, vision
• Educate and assist with Credit, budgeting and finance
• Assist in securing safe affordable housing
• Driving instruction and testing preparation

2019 Statistics for Youth who “Age-Out” of Foster Care in the United States. (2)

Within Four Years of Aging-Out

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The Ohana Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Toledo, Ohio.