Young adults working with the Ohana Project will identify short-term, and long-term goals, with annual evaluations and ability to make changes to the long-term goals. Goals and activities will be young adult driven. Below is a listing of common activities that Ohana assists with yet is not totally encompassing.

Some participants entering the Ohana Project will already be enrolled in a goal plan with Bridges Ohio. We will follow the plan that Bridges has set forth and maintain the day to day and weekly obligations and goals set forth.


Self-Security is something we are normally helped with and taught by our parents. The Ohana Project works with young adults in our program in obtaining, and storing vital personal records. We help with understanding the process to obtain state identification driver’s license, and other documentation that applies to their specific needs.

The Ohana Project assists in locating and accessing community support programs and resources available to the young adults we work with, such as legal aid, food stamps, health insurance, etc.

We will also assist in providing education on proper data safety practices, such as identifying emergency phone numbers, and how to store and maintain personal information and documents.

Housing Stability

The Ohana Project works with young adults in our program to learn about and achieve housing stability. This begins with helping them locate and understand types of housing options, costs associated, and requirements for application approval.

We educate on, and assist with all of the following;

  • How to maintain safe, stable, and affordable housing that permits access to services and transportation.
  • Understanding utilities, security deposits, renters insurance, and timely payments for all of the above.
  • How to read and pay bills, and the consequence of credit impact with late payments.
  • Understanding their lease or rental agreements and the potential penalties with violating such agreements, rules/responsibilities, tenant rights, and responsibilities.
  • Understanding the benefits and cons of having a roommate.


Employment is one of the first steps to independence. We will work with the youth according to their goals and aspirations to help identify potential career paths. We help them to understand and identify their strengths, abilities, and interests, and how those might lead to a career or job.

Once a career path is identified, we help them learn what type and level of education is required to meet their short-term and long-term employment goals. The Ohana Project then coaches them on employer expectations prior to, and throughout employment.

We understand the importance of the interview process. Because of this, we provide hands-on education to young adults on completing the job application process, interview skills, making a good first impression, and how to communicate with their potential employer. We teach them how to create a resume, obtain necessary career documents, and appropriate job references to effectively have information ready, and a solid resume.

The Ohana Project provides hands-on education on how to track their job applications,

including contact information for potential employers, with dates and follow-up dates as well as company website login data saved and accessible.


In today’s times, furthering your education is more important than ever. We will speak with each youth we work with to figure out what level of education they have achieved, and provide information regarding the benefits of continuing education and/or training.

If a young adult in our program would like to further their education, The Ohana Project assists in setting goals and locating resources to further their education in order to achieve their desired self-sufficiency and career goals. We help them find supportive supportive organizations, agencies or institutions that can provide educational opportunities, encouragement, and advocacy to increase their achievement of their educational goals.

We help link the young adults to resources that will help their transition from secondary education, to post-secondary education or vocational training. The Ohana Project also assists in accessing systems of financial support for education programs, including accessing and providing information for FAFSA, ETV, and other available community grants and scholarships.

The Ohana Project also provides support to young adults throughout the process for applying and enrolling in secondary, post-secondary, or alternative education programs.


Transportation is vital for maintaining an education or a career. We will educate young adults in our program on bus options, and the locations of pick up and drop off, as well as routes and times of service. We teach them how to set up and manage Uber and Lyft costs and applications for non-bus hours.

The Ohana Project works on driving readiness by helping with studying for driver testing and test training. We educate on document requirements to obtain a license, and provide help in achieving necessary documentation.

We aid in finding savings through applications of matching funding from grant sources within the community. We educate on the costs of starting insurance, monthly cost of maintaining insurance, and cost of maintaining a vehicle. We also educate on basic vehicle maintenance such as checking oil levels, fluid levels, tire pressure, and checking lights, and the costs of automotive maintenance.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are important life skills we normally learn from our parents while we’re growing up. The Ohana Project assists in linking young adults with healthcare coverage (i.e., Medicaid and managed plans), and understanding how to retain coverage. We also help them understand and gain the ability to seek answers to questions about healthcare coverage after they are no longer eligible for insurance through the state.

We provide education on;

  • Local physical, vision, dental, mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral care providers.
  • Scheduling healthcare appointments and the ramifications of missing appointments.
  • How to communicate with medical providers and pharmacists, how to advocate for specific health care needs and understand medication side effects.
  • Emergency care vs. care from a primary care physician or urgent care. Encourage use of primary care physicians when possible, and urgent care when necessary.
  • How to fill prescriptions and where, the differences between generic and name brand prescriptions, and prescription pickup and delivery options.
  • Importance of annual exams, optical, and dental preventative visits.

Daily Living Skills

Daily living skills don’t come naturally. They are learned from the environment we grow up in, and the lessons we learn along the way.

The Ohana Projects assists young adults in effectively managing their personal finances. We help them select the best banking system for their needs, the roles of bank personnel and facilities, distinguishing between savings and checking/debit accounts and other types of accounts, bank fees and services, and banking tools.

We teach and help with understanding credit, how to access their credit reports and scores from the three credit bureaus, benefits and consequences of credit, and rebuilding poor credit understanding credit fees, interest rates, credit limits, grace periods, annual vs. initial fees

Assistance is provided with understanding their pay stub, payroll taxes, differences between federal, state, local, and sales taxes, exemptions, and what to withhold from their paycheck and why. It is also provided with filing their taxes, locating the proper forms and resources, and the benefits with filing their taxes.

We give education on how to read and pay bills. Opportunities for young adults to practice daily living skills which include but not limited to; cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and comparison shopping, meal planning on a budget, food storage safety and meal packing and safe storage for work/school. The Ohana Project provides guidance on health, nutrition, conflict resolution and time management. Advice on making healthy lifestyle choices, including but not limited to; nutritional meals, regular physical activities, and proper rest. Guidance is giving in taking on increasing levels of responsibility over time and remaining in a support system as varied levels of independence are achieved.


The Ohana Project believes that our community is a beautiful asset for these young adults. We provide education and opportunities for young adults to gain knowledge and skills through volunteering and community engagement. We help educate on basic knowledge of how publicpolicies are created, the legislative processes, and how their advocacy impacts policy. Young adults will learn how to access, influence and/or participate in state and local Youth Advisory Board activities. They will also learn leadership skills, and seek opportunities to apply them


The Ohana Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Toledo, Ohio.