The Ohana Project: Helping Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care

By Emily Remaklus

When a youth ages out of foster care, the government provides them with some benefits and support, such as help with rent, food and education. However, even with those benefits, the Mills realized something more was missing. “We felt it was time to give these young adults guidance to navigate [adulthood], additional assistance where needed, advice, hands-on skills, and a forever family they may always call upon,” says Ashley.

The additional assistance and guidance comes directly from The Ohana Project, as well as the community partners the organization works with. Partners in the community have helped provide the youths with jobs and acted as mentors for the young adults. Helping the young adults find employment is often the first step Ashley and Mark take. Then, after the youth obtains a job, the couple works to help them find transportation…


13abc The Ohana Project helps youth aging out of foster care

Help for youths aging out of foster care.


The Ohana Project Buckeye Commercial

The Ohana Project! Where people of compassion join forces to offer youth aging out of foster care a chance at success. Our goal is to provide safe, affordable housing for these youth, while teaching them the life skills needed to provide them the opportunity to transition out of the system with an education, armed with ambitions and hope for their future.



The Ohana Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Toledo, Ohio.